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The World's Best Tritium Monitors

Founded in 1972, Overhoff Technology Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of tritium monitors.  With the world’s largest selection of tritium monitors, Overhoff can offer monitors ranging from simple hand held units to complex integrated digital radiation monitoring systems.

In contrast to competitors who offer two or three models of monitors, Overhoff offers more than a dozen basic instruments for both fixed and portable use. In addition, each basic instrument is available with numerous features and options to precisely meet your facilities specific requirements.

Overhoff Technology has gained an outstanding reputation for having monitors that excel in performance and are reasonably priced. Our experience in producing hundreds of different types of monitors for different users allows you to benefit from the company’s design expertise and economical production methods. Overhoff Tritium Monitors are used worldwide in nuclear power plants, nuclear research and pharmaceutical laboratories.

We are proud that all Overhoff Technology Instruments are made in the USA.

Overhoff Technology and Technical Associates are subsidiaries of US NUCLEAR



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