Model Triathalon-C14


  • NEMA-4X wall-mount enclosure
  • Smart, microprocessor driven with onboard data logging and custom software
  • Two C-14 level alarms (alert and high), malfunction alarm, and low flow alarm included
  • Gamma compensation (2L)
  • Visual alarm indicators for signal level, low flow, and malfunction
  • Alpha pulse suppression, radon rejection
  • Long-term zero stable, span calibration is permanently stable due to special electrometer design


The Model Triathalon-C14 is a single-range ionization chamber C-14 (CO2) in air monitor housed in a NEMA-4X wall-mount enclosure designed for stack or room monitoring applications.  This smart instrument includes a microprocessor, color LCD touch-screen display, and custom software with onboard data logging.  The subtractive balanced chamber electrometer circuit and radon rejection decrease background to negligible levels.  The software allows you to adjust units of measurement, alarm limits, the flow rate for totalizing, among other parameters.  An upgraded alarm system provides two adjustable level alarms (alert level and high level), low flow alarm, and malfunction alarm (low voltage failure, high voltage failure, or electrometer failure).

An optional totalizer can be included which computes the total C-14 concentration released up the stack by multiplying the stack flow rate (manual or dynamic from stack flow sensor) by the measured C-14 concentration.  The Triathalon-C14 is a cost-effective C-14 effluent monitor that is compact, lightweight, and includes an easy wall-mount configuration.

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