Overhoff Overview


Stores all instrument data to a database (Microsoft Access) at user-definable intervals

Displays all instrument data in table and graphical form (summary and real-time)

Limit checks incoming data of all types; each instrument can have its own set of limits of desire

Displays over limit or alarm status to security personnel at a terminal and sends email/phone alerts

Generates reports on stored data: shift reports, or daily, weekly, and monthly reports can all be generated automatically and in hardcopy.  Graphs can also be included

Identifies upward or downward trends in data

Identifies non-transmitting instruments

Tracks maintenance due on instruments and tracks locations of all instruments within your facility

Displays video/images from webcams


Overhoff Overview is a customizable software package for networking multiple Overhoff instruments together or modeling a facility graphically in a series of views.


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