Low-level, real-time tritium in water monitor
Automated liquid scintillation counting system
Sensitivity: 100,000 pCi/L (3.7 kBq/L) in 9 minutes or less

Ultra-low-level, automated, real-time tritium in water monitor
Includes hydrogen separator to separate hydrogen (tritium) from water so that it can be measured by highly-sensitive gas proportional detectors
Sensitivity: 0.1 µCi/L  (3.7 kBq/L) in under 45 minutes

Portable Tritium Air Monitor
Dual 200cc Ion Chambers, Gamma Compensated
Fast Response Time of 5 Seconds
Sensitivity: 10 µCi/m3 (0.3 MBq/m3)

Dual 200cc Ion Chambers used for measurement
Not Gamma Compensated
Sensitivity: 3 µCi/m3 (0.1 MBq/m3)

Two-channel tritium leak detector to measure both HT and HTO (switch selectable) simultaneously
Gamma Compensated
Sensitivity: 5 µCi/m3 (0.2 MBq/m3)

Single-range nuclear power plant monitor, includes noble gas compensation, plate-out proof ion chambers, industrial NEMA-12 enclosure, and other features required for measuring tritium in nuclear power plant environments

Dual or quad 2L chambers, NEMA-12 wall-mount enclosure, plate-out proof ion chambers, upgraded alarm system

General purpose, cost-effective stationary tritium in air monitor
Dual 2L ion chambers, Gamma Compensated

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