Upgraded version of 400SBDyC, includes Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, RS-232 output, auto-calibration software, and gamma compensation on/off toggle switch for easy gamma calibration

Military version of 400AC: extremely rugged, water/splash proof, operates in extreme conditions, includes circuit self-test function

High Performance Portable Tritium Air Monitor
Quadruple 200cc Ion Chambers, Gamma Compensated
Sensitivity: 2 µCi/m3 (0.1 MBq/m3)

Gas proportional detector system for measuring ultra-low levels of tritium

Sensitivity: 0.01 µCi/m3 (1 kBq/m3)

Resolution:  0.003 µCi/m3 (0.1 kBq/m3)

As Model 593 but includes a 321 dual ion chamber detector for extending the high-end measurement range and providing a faster response time

Dual measurement system with automatic solenoid valve control

Wide-range:  0.01 to 19,999 µCi/m3 (1 kBq/m3 to 1,999 MBq/m3)

Open-window gas proportional counter with 100cm2 sensitive area

Useful for quickly scanning large, flat areas (floor, wall, clothing, bottom of shoes)

Quadruple 110cc ion chambers for faster response time
Sensitivity: 5 µCi/m3 (0.2 MBq/m3)

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