Founded in 1972, Overhoff Technology designs and manufactures high quality tritium monitoring instrumentation and has earned a reputation as a world-leading tritium monitor manufacturer. 

Our 49 years of experience building tritium monitors is reflected in our products which have been refined to excel in reliability and performance.  The key values established by founder, Dr. Mario W. Overhoff (1928-2005), continue to this day.  In 2007, Overhoff was purchased by a friend of Dr. Overhoff, Robert Goldstein, CEO of Technical Associates.  Today, Overhoff and Technical Associates are subsidiaries of US Nuclear Corporation. 

Overhoff offers a full line of tritium monitoring instrumentation sold world-wide and serving nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical and research labs, military, government, and more.  At Overhoff, product development has always been a key aspect of our business.  If you can’t seem to find a product that meets your needs, we can design a monitor to your specifications.  We maintain a strict quality management system and are ISO-9001:2015 certified.

Product Support

Our technical experts offer product support and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 


We offer prompt factory repair services for all Overhoff products and include a 1-year warranty on all new products.


All new Overhoff instruments are factory calibrated and include a Certificate of Calibration, traceable to NIST.  Overhoff instruments can be sent back to the factory for annual re-calibration and we also provide calibration equipment so that the customer can calibrate themselves on-site. 


We offer training on the principles of operation, testing, calibration, and maintenance on all Overhoff products.  Training can be held at the customer’s site, at the Overhoff factory, or online via video conference. 

Our Management Team


Robert Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Goldstein first entered the radiation detection industry in 1972 as an applications engineer, production manager, and then general manager for Technical Associates. Mr. Goldstein is a physicist and award-winning specialist in the nuclear radiation detection industry, with more than 49 years of experience in the field and an author of more than 20 white papers and presentations on use of radiation measurement equipment. Mr. Goldstein holds a BS in Physics from MIT and a MS in Engineering from Stanford University.


Dell Williamson

Chief Operating Officer

Dell Williamson began his career at Overhoff in 1982 as a draftsman and is now the VP of Operations. He has become an expert in the use, design, and construction of tritium monitoring equipment with over 39 years of experience in the field. Mr. Williamson graduated from Cincinnati Technical College with a degree in Electronics Technology and furthered his education at the University of Cincinnati where he majored in Industrial Management and Mechanical Engineering.


Ivan Mitev

Chief Technology Officer

Ivan Mitev began his career as an electronics engineer after earning his MS in Robotics and Automation at the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Mr. Mitev specializes in research and development, and has been responsible for continuously improving existing Overhoff equipment and designing new innovations. Mr. Mitev has previously worked for Solix Laboratory Inc, Pobeda Inc, and Opticoelectricon where his primary duties were engineering and design.