Below you will find New Products released by Overhoff Technology.

NOW! All Rack Mount and Table Top models, including our 357, 311, 321, and 421 models will come STANDARD with RS232 Communications.  

JNG-2 & JNG-3

A breakthrough in neutron generation technology has lead to a new innovation, which reduces input power requirements and scalability for higher powered devices resulting in a greater neutron output.

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The NEW Trimaran model is an automated flow thru Tritium Water monitor designed for real time low-level detection of Tritium in the industrial environment of nuclear power plants. The Low MDA, reliability, ruggedness, and automatic operation is what sets this monitor apart from less durable labortory type of the equipment.

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The NEW Overhoff Tri-Cair Tritium and C-14 Detector has the unique ability to monitor for tritium compounds and airbourne C-14 in real time while providing gamma compensation. The two measurement channels appear on a single display.

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Tritium and Carbon 14 In Air Sample Collecting System

The NEW TASC is a small self-contained unit which serves to collect samples from stacks, hoods, room air, the outside environment or other areas. TASC consist of a Pump, Mass Flow Controller, regulated Thermal Oxidizer, and 2 Digital Displays, which display the airflow rate and oxidizing temperature.

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Radon Monitor

The Overhoff Radon Monitor is intended to measure radon-222 and radon-220 over a wide range of concentrations. The radon monitor is useful to those individuals who need to establish radon background levels or demonstrate compliance with regulations and to those individuals involved in radon mitigation efforts. The radon monitor can log 40,000 data points to accurately establish the daily variation in radon concentrations.

The radon monitor’s internal rechargeable battery can operate the monitor for 24 hours. By using the AC/DC adapter the monitoring time can be extended indefinitely which allows for logging the variations in radon concentrations due to the environmental effects of changes in barometric pressure and rainfall.

The radon monitor is very useful as a real-time radon monitor for those individuals involved in radon mitigation since the real-time indication gives an immediate indication of any mitigation efforts. Mitigation of radon concentrations can be as simple as a change in ventilation flow or a more complex effort such as installing a vapor barrier.

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Model 400AC Portable Tritium Monitor

The Model 400AC is our well known Model 400SBDyC portable tritium monitor with the following NEW features:

1. Uses Rechargeable Batteries
2. Rechargeable Battery Capacity Monitor
3. Power Supply Failure Monitor
4. High Bias Voltage Battery Failure Monitor
5. Manual and Automatic Calibration
       a) Calibration with Tritium Gas
       b) Calibration with a Gamma Source
(Using Gamma-Tritium Equivalence Ratio)
6. Improved Gamma Compensation
7. Improved Noise Immunity
8. Constant Air Flow Control
9. 50% Less High Bias Voltage Batteries

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Model 77 Heavy Water Leak Detector

The Model 77 (HWLD-77) is a redesigned version of our Model 1925 Heavy Water Leak Detector. The Model 77 can be used to monitor changes in tritium content of ground water, rivers, lakes or ocean currents.

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Xenon Separation Panel

New Product from Overhoff Technology Corporation enables precise measurement of tritium in the presence of noble and other radioactive gases. The separator extracts the tritium oxide component of a continuous air sample, which may also contain Xenon, Krypton-85, Carbon 14, or other radioactive gases. The tritium only output airflow is then connected to an external tritium monitor, for an accurate tritium only measurement.

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Triathalon Tritium and C-14 Stack Monitor

CAM-TC Tritium and C-14 Stack Monitors are sensitive, rugged stack or effluent monitors designed and built for Nuclear Power Plant use. Commercial version available for research labs, glove boxes and other applicable uses.

The subtractive balance chamber electrometer circuit and optional Radon Rejection decreases background effects to negligible levels and the deionized and filtered intake reduces to negligible levels spuriosity based on smokes, dusts and exisiting ionization in the air. Inlet and outlet hoses allow the return of monitored air to the source: interiors of fume hoods and exhaust stacks, etc.

A calibration check may be performed in the field with a license exempt microcurie level beta source.

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2x200-LD Tritium Leak Detector

The Overhoff Model 2×200-LD Tritium Leak Detector has the unique ability to monitor for tritium compounds and elemental tritium in real time while providing gamma compensation. The two measurement channels, T2 and T2O/HTO, are selected with a front panel toggle switch and appear on a single digital display.

The required radiological protection for tritium compounds is much higher than that for elemental tritium. Elemental tritium will combine readily with oxygen to form tritium oxide and also will replace hydrogen atoms in compounds. Therefore the presence of elemental tritium in the working environment is an indication of a leak in the system or container. Knowing this, the user of the Model 2×200-LD can rapidly locate the point of release and more efficiently secure the source of leakage.

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Overhoff OverView

Overhoff OverView software is an affordable means to provide centralized radiation and environmental monitoring for your entire area or facility. Whether it is a single building, or many square miles of buildings, OverView is an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf solution that formerly was only achievable with expensive, complicated, or custom software.

OverView accepts and databases data from networked radiation detectors, environmental monitors, and web cams, and allows you to view and generate reports on the data. OverView can also track maintenance due on instruments. OverView will give you and your personnel a complete view of radiation monitoring at your facility, a recording of the past, a clear vision of the present, and a means to predict and control the future.

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